For thousands of years, the Jewish people face Jerusalem when we pray. First, it was towards the Holy Temple, the holiest place on Earth. Then, when the Jews dispersed all over the world. But whenever we moved to, we faced toward Israel. In Europe, it meant the general direction of the East or “mizrach” in Hebrew.

Every home and synagogue needs a clear indication of where the East is. Because of this need, artists have been creating so-called “Mizrachs” – a plaque or painting with the word “mizrach”. Quite often they were richly decorated with inspiring words from prayers or Torah quotes, as well as floral designs.

Below you can see a few examples of the growing collections of “Mizrach” designs. They are particularly great as wall art or plaques you can place on the eastern wall in your home. They are a fantastic idea for a housewarming gift and decor for a room where one prays.

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