Hebrew Language: Colors

Probably the most colorful collection! Hebrew vocabulary for colors with matching background colors. Beautiful designs for children’s rooms, Jewish classrooms, Hebrew schools, synagogue, and for everyone who learns and loves the Hebrew language.

The designs are available as wall art, on t-shirts, totes, backpacks, office gadgets, and textiles.

Click below to find the perfect item for you!

You have a choice from 11 (!) vertical designs and 11 horizontal. Choose one or create a whole gallery! Pick your kid’s favorite color and find bedding, pillows, notebooks, decor gadgets, phone covers, mugs, and more!

Colors at ZazzleSociety 6, and Red Bubble.

Hebrew colors vertical designs:

Hebrew colors horizontal designs:

Where can I find them?

I’m glad you asked!

Zazzle | Society 6 | Red Bubble

Examples of unique products with the Hebrew colors designs:

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