Hebrew Expressions: Todah Rabah

There are many moments in our lives when we search for the right words to react. Hebrew helps us providing such loved phrases as “mazal tov” (congratulations), “todah rabbah” (thank you), or “refuah shlemah” (get well or may you reach full recovery). Decorate your home, send a greeting card, or present a gift with these phrases!

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Hebrew Expressions: todah rabah / thank you!

Show your gratitude – to your parents, teachers, neighbors, nurses, doctors, significant others, and whoever else made a positive impression on your life. In Jewish tradition, the idea of hakarat ha-tov, or “acknowledging the good” that others did for us is a mitzvah. We are told to be aware of all the good others do for us (directly or indirectly).

You can send a greeting card, a piece of jewelry, a gift box, or a lovely home decor item. You can also present a framed art print or decorate a room for a “thank you” party with posters and tapestries.

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You have a lot of great products to choose from if you want to show gratitude. From beautiful cards and jewelry, through wall art and tapestries, to gift boxes and t-shirts. Below you can see an example of beautiful greeting cards – I highly advise choosing Zazzle for their offer in artisan papers.

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